Friday, September 19, 2014

Rearranging my little world.

Hi Sunshines!!!!

Well, not only will I be changing my blog a bit but I am also rearranging the furnitures, colors and all the sweet little things in my bedroom. I had many ideas but pin pointed to even creating my own little closet in my no-closet-bedroom. And that is without buying a new closet. Wish me luck on this. I'm always looking for ideas but other peoples ideas usually inspire me to get even more creative.

Since a little girl, I always went towards the arts & crafts sections, the create and redesign or from scratch design something from paper to cloths. I always stared a painting because they always say something. I look at a living to feel the coziness. And scrolling around online I found these two wonderful sites. Now, I love the color red. I mean, I AM IN LOVE with the color red and never thought of painting a furniture red… you know in fear of 'OMG what did I do'…but it seems like I should take a chance in. So I will. I will have before and after pics so you can see it.

Thanks to RED FURNITURE and BLOGGER for sparking up some ideas. :-)

Thanks for reading, more to come!!

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Another Silent Death.

Just because we tend to be smiling all day doesn't mean our nights are romantic.

Because I care a lot doesn't mean we don't feel any other way.

My happiness does bring tears not of joy sometimes.

And because its all open in the silence of our comfortability, its scares even the darkness.

RIP Robin Williams. 

You are not alone! and you and you!!

Stay Stong,