Wednesday, October 12, 2016

In a world full of changes and some of them that we do not want to accept...I begin to accept a new change, a new journey towards a different light that may have just sparkled that LOVE we desire in our hearts. 

And no, I am not getting married...even though I have peeked at some beautiful dresses from Vera Wang!

Actually, I have a new vision. And to be honest, the vision may be new for many but it has been in my peripheral eye for some time. I have worn a few hats that no one has thought of me wearing or seen me in but I have had the chance to talk and work in different settings that I enjoyed. Some was for free while others were satisfying for the bills, with no regrets whats so ever.  

When changes come in our life some people tend to gradually and slowly go along with the change. I learned that I do better for a faster change, quick like a band aid. I feel the pain and stop the nonsense right away. Look around for the next thing on my list to do. I am not really trying to make anyone reading this to change something they need to right away but hey it the shoe fits, go for it. Squeeze those puppies in and keep walking. I know I sure am.

Walking to a new light of LOVE! 

Stay Strong...

Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Hello World!!!

Great news all around! 

We all have our moments (or months in my case) where we just have so much going on that we want to escape, but we can not. From having family members in the hospital, traveling back and forth from Long Island, to NYC to Brooklyn, having a little amount of minutes for sleep or myself to no time to study. Yet, I somehow builded the energy to study hard and finish a course I needed. Ending with an A. Yes, an A. I'm so happy. I also finished a part of a Substance Abuse and Mental Health Training this semester and received a certified certificate for it. I felt so amazingly happy when I heard my name being called and I walked up with a smile! 

There is of course more to come. I always have something sweet up my sleeve. So stay tuned because this is just the beginning, wait…. this sounds like a movie. I just don't remember which movie, do you?

Stay blessed!

This picture was taken at 4am on a Thursday, driving back to NYC!